We’re heading into another presidential election year, which means the news is packed with debate coverage, campaign stumping, candidate soundbites and pollsters taking America’s pulse. But what do you really need to know about the 2020 elections? 

Teach Me How to Texas is a new email series from The Texas Tribune aimed at helping Texans learn more about how government works. Our first edition will focus on elections. 

How it works: Sign up for Teach Me How to Texas anytime between now and November 2020, and we’ll send you a series of five lessons to your inbox. Thanks to our sponsors, many lessons include surprise perks (of course, we know you’re in it for that elections knowledge 😉). 

What you’ll learn: Interesting facts about Texas' past and culture; how different communities and regions in Texas vote; how candidates raise money; how to spot a good poll from a bad one; and how to decode your November ballot. 

Extra credit: For those of you who complete the entire Teach Me How to Texas email course, there’s an extra special perk: entry into our “Teach Me” Raffle. Subscribers who complete the full elections email series will be entered to win an Austin getaway (or staycation) package including two nights at Hotel Ella plus dinner for two at Goodall's Kitchen. See full rules.  

So what do you say — are you ready for your first Teach Me How to Texas lesson?
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Complete all five lessons in the series, and we'll enter you for a chance to win two nights at Hotel Ella, plus dinner for two at Goodall's.
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